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Pinned Article FAQ: UWin Gmail

A list of frequently asked questions about UWinGmail student e-mail system.

Pinned Article UWin Gmail to Office 365 Outlook Transition

Starting January 2020, incoming students will receive Office 365 Outlook e-mail accounts. Users with existing UWin Gmail accounts are tentatively scheduled to be migrated to Office 365 Outlook in Summer 2020.This article explains what will be migrated during the transition from Google to Microsoft platform.

Can I log into both my personal Gmail and UWinGmail accounts at the same time?

Many people have a personal Gmail account in addition to their UWinGmail account. Google has provided a mechanism to allow multiple Google accounts at the same time, called "Multiple sign-in."

Is it possible to forward my UWin Gmail account to another address?

We strongly discourage forwarding your student e-mail account to another address.

Setting up an e-mail client software to access student UWin Gmail account

Some students may want to access their UWinGmail account using an e-mail client software, rather than the native web interface, because of accessibility issues.

What will happen to my UWin Gmail account after I graduate?

After your graduation, your UWin ID type will transition from "Undergraduate Student (U)" or "Graduate Student (G)" to "Alumni (A)" and your UWin Gmail account will remains active.

Why do I get logged out of YouTube when I log in to my UWinGmail account?

Many users have discovered that it is not possible to use YouTube, Google+ or other Google services with a UWinGmail account. There is a workaround.