Articles and FAQs related to the transition from legacy FIS (JD Edwards) to UWinsite Finance.

Articles (4)

UWinsite Finance Training

There is a number of upcoming training opportunities that are open to all faculty and staff. Please note that staff members are required to obtain approval from their supervisor prior to registration. Registration is required to attend any of those sessions.

UWinsite Finance FAQ: Transition Plan

Frequently asked questions regarding transitioning form the legacy FIS system (JD Edwards) to new UWinsite Finance system that is scheduled to go-live on Feb 1, 2018.

UWinsite Finance FAQ: Technical

Frequently asked questions on technology-related topics, such as supported platforms, credentials, technical support, etc.

UWinsite Finance FAQ: Data Governance

Frequently asked questions related to the governance of data stored in the UWinsite Finance cloud-based system.