Known Issue: Youtube Mashup tool produces a 403 error

Users of the YouTube Mashups functionality in Blackboard will encounter a 403 error after attempting to search for a video. This is caused by a single set of credentials being used to access Youtube and its daily limit being exceeded by client's worldwide.

To workaround this error, YouTube videos can be manually embedded into the text editor using the following steps

1) Enter the content area ( such as resources) where you would like the video to be posted

2) Click on Build Content-> Item

3) Enter a name for the Item

4) In the text editor, click on the 3rd icon from the left on the bottom row. If only a single row displays, click on the double arrows to expand the editor

5) Paste the Youtube URL into the URL box and a preview should automatically populate after clicking outside the URL box.

6) Adjust the dimensions as desired and click Insert to add the video to the item.

7) Repeat if needed, and click Submit to create the Item.



Article ID: 100466
Tue 3/10/20 10:10 AM
Wed 3/11/20 4:12 PM