How do I adjust the e-mail settings within Blackboard?

The e-mail tool allows you to send e-mail messages to other people in your course from within Blackboard Learn without launching an external email program, such as Gmail, Hotmail, or Yahoo. Email can be sent to individual users or to groups of users. Recipients of each email will not see the email addresses of other recipients.

Your email address is not visible unless you choose to make it visible to course members. Find this setting in the global navigation menu > Settings > Personal Information > Set Privacy Options. On this page, you can choose the information you want course members to see.

Important: Blackboard Learn keeps no record of sent or received email. When you receive or send an email, the email appears in the inbox of your external email program. Keep a copy of important messages in case you need them at a later date.

For instructors to adjust the settings for the E-mail Tool in their site, see instructions and images below -

  1. On the Control Panel, under Customization, click Tool Availability.
  2. On the Tool Availability page, under E-mail, click the Action Link.
  3. Click E-mail Settings.
  4. In the Available column, uncheck everything except All Teaching Assistant Users and All Instructor Users. This ensures that your students will not be able to use Blackboard to email each other but will still be able to email you and your TAs.
  5. Click Submit.


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