How can I access training materials on LinkedIn Learning? (Formally

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Students, faculty, sessional instructors and full time staff have unlimited access to training materials on LinkedIn Learning (formally

NOTE: Retirees currently do not have access.

The easiest way to access LinkedIn Learning is through the University of Windsor's Office 365 Portal.

1. Navigate to the Office 365 Portal at

2.  Under the apps icon (waffle icon in the upper left hand corner) click on "All Apps" and find LinkedIn Learning.


Alternatively, you can go directly to the LinkedIn Learning Website.  For your convenience, we have a direct link to the login page:

1.  Launch you favourite web browser and navigate to

2.  This link will bring you directly to the University of Windsor sign-in page.

3.  Log in with your and your UWin password.

4.  Remember to sign out when you are finished with your session and close your web browser.

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