How to enable adaptive release for an assignment?

Enabling Adaptive Release 

To enable adaptive release for an assignment:

1. Click the chevron located next to the assignment name, then click on either Adaptive release (This works if every student who has an exemption gets the same date range to submit an assignment), or Adaptive Release (Advanced) (This is when multiple students need different date ranges to submit the assignment)

menu for adaptive release

2a Adaptive Release

Once you have clicked on Adaptive Release , you will be brought to the following screen:

menu for date selection

Under Choose Date, you will select the date range when this assignment will be specially available. Under Membership, you will select the members (through UWinId) who can see the assignment during the above date range. Everyone else will be locked out. Once you are satisfied with your choice, select the Submit button, and your options will be saved.

2b (Adaptive Release (Advanced))

Once you have clicked on Adaptive Release (Advanced), you will be brought to the following screen:

create rule menu

This will permit you to set individual date ranges for individual students. To do this, click Create Rule, then you will be asked to name the rule. You may leave it as default, or choose to name it after the student.

3.After the rule has been named, you will be presented with the Create Criteria options. This is where you set the date, and membership rules of who gets access to the assignment and when. Hover over Create Criteria, and the following menu will appear

menu options for criteria

Selecting Date is where you set the date range of when this particular student can see the assignment. Selecting Membership is where you will select the student(s) who qualify to see the assignment during the dates selected above. Note, any student who does not meet any of the rules ( students with no exceptions) will not be able to see the assignment.

Once you are finished with this rule, you can click OK at the bottom of the screen, and return to the Rules page. From there you can create more rules for individual students.


**NOTE, the actual assignment itself must have no date restrictions, as these will override the adaptive release settings, and no one will see the assignments regardless of adaptive release rules.**


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