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This Job Aid will address: how students can access and complete online SETs in UWinsite Student.

Business Process

Most Student Evaluations of Teaching (commonly known as SETs) are paper based and completed in class towards the end of each semester.  Online SETs are usually only available for distance education or online classes. They can be completed in UWinsiteStudent towards the end of each semester.

To access and complete an online SET:

1.In your web browser, preferably Google Chrome, go to

2.Click the LOG IN TO UWINSITE STUDENT button.

3.On the login screen, enter your UWinID and Password. Then click the green login button.

4.On the Student Homepage in UWinsite Student, click the My Academic tile.

5.Click Student Evaluation of Teaching in the left navigation menu.

Select the appropriate term and click the Continue button.   In the STUDENT EVALUATION OF TEACHING box, click the Details button.  Complete the online SET and then Click the Submitbutton to submit your evaluation.  Click the Save button to save your responses if you need to come back and complete the evaluation later.

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