Which file attachment types are being blocked by the PureMessage for security reasons?

To secure our campus computers from worms and viruses that can spread through e-mail, a number of different types of file attachments are not allowed to enter our system. According to I.T. industry best practices, files with these extensions have a high probability of containing a virus, worm or some other form of malicious code. Any incoming or outgoing e-mail messages containing file attachment types that are included on the list below will be stripped from these file attachments before being delivered.

Files with the following file extensions that are not be allowed through the PureMessage spam filter: 


Please note that this list is for your reference only. The PureMessage determines the file type based on the special code included in each file, and not file name extension. Hence, it it not possible to work around this feature by changing the file extension to prevent it from being detected. If you must send an e-mail message that contains one of the file attachment types listed below, you must zipp your file before attaching it to prevent it from being rejected.


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