How do I add a UWin Office 365 account as a new additional account to Outlook for Mac?

If you already have Outlook for Mac setup for your personal account (i.e. a non-Uwindsor account) and wish to add your Uwin Office 365 account as an additional account follow the steps below:

1.  Open Outlook for Mac.  Click on the Outlook menu, then Preferences.

2.  On the Outlook Preferences window, click on Accounts

3.  On the Accounts page, at the bottom left hand corner, click the "+" icon and choose "Exchange"

4.  Enter in the e-mail address of the account - either your e-mail address, or the e-mail address of the shared mailbox.  If you have a personalized e-mail address (e.g., enter this here.  Shared mailboxes do not have personalized e-mail addresses. 

For authentication method, select "User Name and Password" and enter your username as your and enter your Uwin password.  Do not enter your personalized e-mail address.  For shared mailboxes, enter your and your Uwin password.  Check "Configure automatically" and click "Add Account."

6.  You may see an redirect prompt.  Click the "always use my response from this server" and click the "allow" button

7.  The account will now be added and visible along the left hand side of your Outlook window.  Unfortunately, Outlook will name the account Uwindsor (or Uwindsor 1, Uwindsor 2 etc. depending on how many Uwindsor accounts you have added.  It is recommended that you provide a descriptive name for the account, to make it easier to identify in the left hand pane.  To do this, click on the Outlook menu, then Preferences and then Accounts, select the account you added and change the "Account description" field to something descriptive, such as your name, or the name of the shared mailbox.  Once you close the accounts window, the account will be renamed to the descriptive name you provided.

8.  The accounts will be on the left hand side of your Outlook window:

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