How do I hide unneeded courses?

By default, Blackboard does not hide courses from a previous semester when a new semester starts. This can lead to a disorganized courses tab.

However, Blackboard does offer a way to manage the course list. To remove some unwanted courses

1) In the courses tab, hover over the box titled Courses List, and click on the gear icon that appears

2) On this screen, all of the courses you are enrolled in are listed. You can choose what attributes from each course you see in the module.If an entire row in left unchecked. the course will not appear in the list. You can also uncheck certain attributes for a course such as the instructors if you do not wish to see them listed.

3) Once you are satisfied with your selections, click Submit to save your changes.

**Note, these courses have not been permanently  deleted, they are simply hidden from your view. To re-enable the course, simply repeat the process above and check the box titled Course Name **

Below is a helpful video that explains the process of how to manage your courses list:


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