UWin Account Types and Associated Services

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A valid and active UWin Account is required of everyone associated with the University of Windsor who plans on using any of the IT systems and services. There are many different types of UWin Account and each of these types is associated with a different range of services. The type of affiliation with the University is a determining factor for which account type is granted to a particular user.

Here is a summary of different UWin Account types. For more detailed list that includes services associated with each account type, please see Files section on the right.

F Full-time Any active or sabbatical faculty
  FT contract Any active contract faculty
Z Sessional Instructor Any ongoing sessional. UserID deleted after inactive for one year
1 Schulich Faculty Member Medical school faculty. UWin Account used to complete Vaccination Attestation and COVID-19 Self-Assessment in Safe Lancer app.
P Post Doctoral Fellow Any active post-doctoral fellow
5 Adjunct Faculty/Visiting Scholar Any professor adjunct/ visiting scholar is NOT listed in HR system
E Full-time/Part-time Any active staff
  FT contract Any active contract staff
7 Part time casual Short-term seasonal employee. UWin Account used to access COVID-19 Self-Assessment in Safe Lancer app, myUWinfo and uwinsecure wireless network on campus.
Y Student Employee Full-time or part-time University students who are also employed by the University.
U Undergraduate Student  
G Graduate Student  
H Medical Student  
K Confirmed / Affiliate Students who have confirmed they will be attending the University OR students who were given a letter of offer conditional on the completion of the ELIP program.
8 Research Student  
Q Other Non-Traditional Student CEPE, AQP, Any student taking courses at the UofW that are not part of University program
A Alumni Since 2009 graduated students retain their student account that transitions into Alumni acocunt.
J Unconfirmed applicant  
Other Types and Affiliations
T In Transition ID in transition, awaiting for Employee Number to be assigned
R Retired Staff or Faculty Any retired full time staff, faculty or Professor Emeritus [ more details ]
B Board of Governor member People on the University Board of Governors
V Visiting Academic < 60 days Given for a specific period as requested by department head
  Visiting Academic > 60 days Given for a specific period as requested by department head
N Affiliated colleges Generally not covered by any of our licensing agreements.
  Student Government UWSA, GSS and OPUS are the three organizations. They may have accounts for the various roles in the governing portion of their organization.
  Non-University Personnel Any temporary employee such as someone from Kelly Services who is hired for a temporary period. Also University Coaches.
6 Guests Any external people sponsored by the University faculty or staff
  External co-op employee (high school, college or University) Generally these students will be given Guest access.
4 Businesses in the Campus Business who rent space from us for example University Pharmacy
D Departmental Account Used for various purposes.
M Shared mailbox Must be assigned to have one faculty or staff position responsible for it.
W Wireless account Temp accounts for wireless access only.
X Club Club accounts come with a shared mailbox and a team. There is no password associated with a club account. Users who were granted access to the shared mailbox and team associated with the club account will use their own credentials to sign in. [ more details ]
2 Contractor Contractors are people engaged by Facility Services to do work at the University. UWin Accounts are requested by Facility Services on behalf of contractors and used by contractors for key control, the COVID-19 Self-Assessment in the Safe Lancer app and uwinsecure wireless network access on campus.


Friends of the University - People not eligible for UWinID but need access to certain resources. Access is controlled by the Application. Email address is used as ID.


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