Known Issue: SafeAssign report not generated for Mobile app submissions

If a student makes an assignment submission using the mobile on an assignment that has SafeAssign enabled, a SafeAssign report will not be generated for that submission. A symptom of a mobile app submission would be the submission contains two files. The Submission Text contains a link to the attached file, in addition to the attached file, while a submission done on a computer would only contain attached files, as there is no option in the write submission box to attach files.

It is recommended that students be instructed to submit SafeAssign enabled assignments through a computer to ensure the report is generated.

Reports can also be generated after the fact using DirectSubmit.

This is a documented known issue with Blackboard and has a pending fix date.





Article ID: 82473
Wed 7/3/19 11:33 AM
Mon 7/8/19 9:48 AM