Known Issue: Availability lock icon not functioning before/after term dates

When an instructor attempts to use the Availability lock icon to open their course site to students either before the term has started or after the term has ended, they will receive an "access denied" message.

This is caused by the fact the lock icon cannot override the pre-programmed start and end dates and hence causes an access denied error.

The workaround is to open the course using the manual method which is detailed below:

Control Panel-> Customization-> Properties

Scroll to Set Availability, read the copyright statement, and click Yes

Under Set Course Duration, select Select Dates and pick new start and end dates.

Click Submit to save the changes.

This is a documented known issue with Blackboard with a pending fix date.


Article ID: 82477
Wed 7/3/19 12:12 PM
Mon 7/8/19 9:48 AM