Setup of Public Digital Displays

Steps to set up digital signage stations:

1.  Open machine put in RAM (MAC address is located on sticker on the SD card slot inside, labelled as EA for Ethernet Address and should start with  "D0:27:88:XX:XX:XX") PRINT out a label with the MAC address in the form "D0:27:88:BE:89:97" and stick it to the bottom of the case on the side where the Ethernet jack is

2.  in BIOS set :

- Advanced/Restore on AC Power on Loss = Power ON

-  Boot/Quite Boot = ENABLED 

- Boot /Fast Boot = ENABLED 

- Security / Administrator Password = s19na93

3.  SD Card setup

- Get any machine (do this on the mini PC itself) 

- Boot up Linux Live CD (for example Parted Magic - Linux Rescue Environment on HIren' Boot CD)

- Open terminal window to download     type wget

IMPORTANT   - Determine which drive is your SD Drive (get this right or you will wipe the wrong hard drive if you get it wrong)    USE Fdisk -l to list disks Look at capacities and compare with the SD DRIVE This would be in the fomr   /dev/sdX  where Xi s the lower case letter  a, b, c,  etc..  Usually but not always the had drive is /dev/sda 

- COPY data to the SD Card use command  

dd bs=4M if=./signage.iso of=/dev/sdX && sync                       (Where /dev/sdX is actually /dev/sdb or /dev/sdc  or /dev/sdd etc. as determined above)  DON'T MAKE A MISTAKE HERE.  Note that there is no number after the /dev/sdX      The numbers that follow are partition numbers.  We are overwriting the entire medium not just a partition on it. No spaces between ampersands the && operator concatenates two commands on one line.     sync  flushes the cache so the disk state is consistent and all data is sure to be finished writing to the card. 

When prompt comes back; it is safe to pull out the card.

4. Put the SD CARD in the mini PC - it is ready to deploy

5.  Get Network Team to setup DHCP for the MAC address on the given subnet for building / location 

6.  Connect HDMI, Ethernet, Power up and 


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