How to uninstall Lotus Notes from a Windows 7 PC?

Perform the following steps in order to completely remove the Lotus Notes application and user data from a Windows computer.

Note:  After uninstalling Notes through the Control Panel, it is crucial to manually remove Notes folders to ensure that all files are removed from the computer before re-installing Lotus Notes.

1. Open Windows Control Panel, go to "Programs and Features", and find Lotus Notes (or IBM Notes) on the list. Select it then click "Uninstall". Follow the instructions on the screen.


2. After uninstall process has completed, reboot your computer.
3. Log back into Windows, open Windows Explorer and locate Notes install folder (exact location may vary, see below for details). Either remove the folder(s), or drag it/them to your TEMP folder if you want to keep a backup copy.

The default Windows 7 multi-user install folders for Notes are:

C:\Program Files\IBM\Lotus\Notes
-- Notes multi-user default binary files installation directory

-- Notes multi-user default data installation directory


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