Setting up an e-mail client software to access student UWin Gmail account

Starting January 2020, incoming students will receive Outlook email accounts. Users with existing UWin Gmail accounts are tentatively scheduled to be upgraded to Outlook in Summer 2020. If you have already been upgraded to Outlook, the following information is not applicable. 

Some students may want to access their UWin Gmail account using an e-mail client software, rather than the native web interface, because of accessibility issues.

The Access Technology Higher Education Network (ATHEN), tested Gmail and Calendar for compatibility with several assistive technologies, and found the browser-based interface to have significant accessibility issues. See:  ATHEN report on accessibility of Google Mail and Google Calendar

An alternative strategy is to set up access via Outlook or a similar program (called a "client") that you've found to work well with your assistive technology. Instructions for doing this are below. Be aware that the first time you use this, it may take awhile for all your messages to transfer over, and that it will take a little longer to send and receive messages compared to what you may be used to with UWin Gmail.

This process involves two steps: setting up your UWin Gmail account so that it will send information to your client, and setting up your client to accept mail from your UWindsor account. You should only need to perform each of these steps once.

Step 1. Setting up Google Mail

  • Sign in to the browser-based version of UWin Gmail.
  • Open the Settings menu (on the far right, near the top, with an icon of a gear; screen readers should say "Settings Menu")
  • Select the option "Settings"
  • Choose the "Forwarding and POP/IMAP" tab.
  • Under the "IMAP Access" option, make sure that the radio button for "Enable IMAP" is selected.

Step 2. Setting up your client

When prompted, enter your e-mail address as your account name and/or user address, and your UWin Account password.

You can also access UWin Gmail via your mobile device



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