Can I log into both my personal Gmail and UWinGmail accounts at the same time?

Starting January 2020, incoming students will receive Outlook email accounts. Users with existing UWin Gmail accounts are tentatively scheduled to be upgraded to Outlook in Summer 2020. If you have already been upgraded to Outlook, the following information is not applicable. 

Many people have a personal Gmail account in addition to their UWinGmail account. It would be convenient to use both a Gmail and UWinGmail account at the same time in one web browser. However, logging into one of these accounts in a web browser automatically logs out of any other Google accounts in the browser.

Google has provided a mechanism to allow multiple Google accounts at the same time, called "Multiple sign-in."  In order to use multiple sign-in, you must perform a specific sequence of steps. Google documents these steps on this page:

Since UWinGmail accounts use the UWin Central Authentication service, the steps are slightly different than the typical Google process.  This FAQ describes the steps for a UWinGmail account.

1.  Log in to your personal Gmail account using your web browser.

2.  Click on your name or email address at the top right of the page.


3.  From the box that opens below, click Add Account.


4.  A new browser tab will open up to a Google login page.  Note that on the left it explains that you're already logged in to an account.  Put your UWin email address into the username field (do not enter a password), then click Sign In. 


5.  You will be redirected to the UWin Central Authentication Service page.  Enter your UWinID and password, then click LOGIN.


6.  You will now also be logged into UWinGmail in the second browser tab.

7.  In the UWinGmail tab, click on your name or email address at the top right of the page.  Note that there is an entry for your personal Gmail account.  Clicking on this will open a new tab for your personal Gmail account.



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