Why do I get logged out of YouTube when I log in to my UWinGmail account?

Starting January 2020, incoming students will receive Outlook email accounts. Users with existing UWin Gmail accounts are tentatively scheduled to be upgraded to Outlook in Summer 2020. If you have already been upgraded to Outlook, the following information is not applicable. 

Many users have discovered that it is not possible to use YouTube, Google+ or other Google services with a UWinGmail account. Google offers many services in addition to the core Google Apps that are part of UWinGmail.  Logging in to UWinGmail causes users to be logged out of these additional services because they are not enabled in UWinGmail.

There is a workaround. Google supports multiple sign-in which allows users to log into multiple Google accounts at once.  In order to ensure that YouTube, Google+ and other services continue to work properly, you must first log into your Gmail account that is linked to YouTube or Google+, open tabs for YouTube or Google+, then use multiple sign-in to log into UWinGmail.

Follow these steps in this order:

  1. Log in to your personal Gmail account.
  2. Open YouTube or Google+.
  3. Use Multiple sign-in to log in to UWinGmail.


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