Regaining control of a compromised UWin Account

Phishing is a form of fraud in which the attacker tries to learn information such as login credentials or account information by masquerading as a reputable entity or person in email or other communication channels. Phishing emails are designed to trick the recipient into clicking on the link included in the email in order to redirect the user to an external site that is designed to look like a legitimate site. Once the user is at the site, they are being asked to sign in using their UWin ID and password.

This is done to capture user's account credentials so that others can use them to gain control of that account. Such compromised UWin Accounts are then being exploited by spammers to send large quantities of unsolicited emails on the Internet.

The only way to regain control of a compromised UWin Account is to change the password on it. The owner of the account should do this immediately upon learning that the account was compromised. In the event that the owner of the account is unaware that the account was compromised or was locked out (password was changed on the account by people who hacked it), IT Service Desk staff will reset the password on that account to a temporary password and attempt to notify the user.


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