How to Setup Your MFA Token

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This document explains the procedure of programming your HYPEROTP Edge MFA token that you can purchase online through the University for $20 each including tax.

The procedure will involve these general steps:

  1. Collect your MFA token from the IT Service Desk 
  2. Bring your MFA token to a programming station
  3. Sign on to the Microsoft Profile Web site
  4. Follow the step-by-step instructions to setup the token as a factor
  5. Tap the MFA token on the reader
  6. Enter the current code to the Microsoft Profile Web site to confirm

Where do I do this?

A computer with the necessary hardware to program your MFA token can be found at the following location:

  • University Computer Centre -  IT Service Desk (lower level)
    Open from 8:30 am to 4:30 pm, University business days
    Staff are available to assist you with this process.

Use and Care Notes

The MFA hardware token is a compact device that is designed to be kept in a wallet or badge holder.  It is thin and contains a battery, so some care must be taken to avoid breakage.  Do not attach the token to a key chain, as they key may damage the display.

The battery will normally last between 4 and 5 years.

To display the current token, press the Press button. An indicator to the left of the code (a series of stacked bars) shows you how long the the current code will remain active. A new code is continuously being generated every 30 seconds.

Step-by-Step Instructions

[1] Sign on to with a Web browser and select the Update Info link in the "Security Info" tile.

[2] Click on the + Add method link

[3] Select Authenticator app from the selection menu and then press Add

[4] Instead of using the Microsoft Authenticator software app, click on the link I want to use a different authenticator app

[5] Click on the Can't scan image? link

[6] Copy the secret key to the clipboard (press Control C)
[7] Open the Edge Programmer program

[8] On the left, click Program and then select the GA Program tab
[9] Paste the code from the clipboard into the Key code field

Position the cursor in the input field then press Control V

[10] Press the Press button on your MFA token

[11] Place the card on the programming device and then press the Program Card button in the computer program

Once programmed, the program will say "Programmed Successfully"

[12] Switch back to the Web browser and press Next
[13] Press the Press button on your MFA token and it will display a six digit number.  Enter the number in the Web browser and press Next.

Note:  You have 30 seconds to enter the number before it expires.  If this happens, press the button on the card to generate a new code.

[14] Ready to go!

You can now sign in off campus by selecting the “App Code” sign in method, pressing the button on your HyperOTP Edge hardware token, and entering the code from the card.


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