Recording a PowerPoint Presentation


This article illustrates the procedure for adding voice over and ink to a PowerPoint presentation, and how to distribute it to your audience.


PowerPoint has the ability to record audio and video as part of your presentation.  You can then save those recordings to your PowerPoint file, or export the presentation with recording as a video that you can upload to a shared file server, or publish to Microsoft Stream.

A good microphone should be used for best results.

Step-by-Step Demonstration

This video guides you through the process.

Resulting Video

This is what was produced during the demonstration, and it is saved to Microsoft Stream.


Additional Resources

For more information, visit these links.


In case your video is in automatically captioned (transcribed) after uploading it to Microsoft Stream, you may need to tell Stream what language your video is in. Do to this:

  • Enable admin mode by clicking on the slider in the upper right corner (turn it on)
  • Click on the three dots under the video viewing area and select "Update Video Details"
  • Set the video language to English (or whatever is appropriate)
  • Verify that "Autogenerate a caption file" is checked (on the right)
  • Press the Apply button at the top of the page
  • It will take a few minutes or hours for Stream to create the caption file



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