Having External Presenters in a Live Event


An explanation of the process of setting up a guest account for a external presenter at a Teams Live Event.


In some cases, you may want an external (non-University) user be a presenter in a Teams Live Event. The external guest will need to be invited to the Live Event Teams meeting as normal, but  they will need to register their external email address and generate a password. This should be done ahead of time since it will require an automated email-based workflow.  If the guest does not have a Microsoft 365 account with another “trusted” organization or have never joined a Teams meeting at the University of Windsor as a guest, they will need to setup a password.

NOTE: If the procedure described below cannot be completed for technical or other reasons, the other option is to sponsor a guest UWin Account for your external presenter. To submit your request, please go to: https://userid.net.uwindsor.ca/m/sponsor_uwinid/sponsor_id

This should be done ahead of time, perhaps during a practice live event. 

Verifying an External Account

When the guest clicks on the “Join Live Event” link in the invitation, they will be prompted to login with their email address:

The user may get an error like the one below if they have not verified their account. In a minute or so, they will receive an email message in a couple of minutes with a code.

The guest user should check their inbox for a message like the one below, and then click on the “sign in with a one-time code sent to your email”. 

Joining the Event using an External Account

When external presenters join the live event by clicking on the link in their email invitation they will be prompted to download the Teams app or using the Web. For best results, download Teams or use the new Microsoft Edge or the Chrome browser.

Teams will prompt for a login. The guest should enter their email address:

A screenshot of a cell phoneDescription automatically generated

The guest will be prompted for a password, if they have one setup, or they will be sent a verification code:

SIgn in - send code

The code is sent to the email address, and should be entered when prompted:

Enter code dialog

If the guest needs to select an invitation, they should select “University of Windsor (Guest)”

Welcome to Teams! Invitiation selection

They will be prompted to setup a password:

Setup your account with Microsoft - step 1

The guest may be prompted for another verification code:

Setup your account with Microsoft - step 2

Permissions need to be accepted:

Review permissions

Guests are able to do everything that a presenter can do, except upload files to the meeting chat.



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