Known Issue: Screen appears zoomed in and cuts out taskbar and top parts of the window


Fixing overscan on a Viewsonic vx2453mh monitor. Also, may apply for other similar Viewsonic monitors.


The screen on a monitor looks as if zoomed in. The top and bottom parts of the window appear to be cut out.

Usually, in such cases, we try to update the display drivers as well as other graphic drivers, which is logical.

But, if updating the drivers doesn't solve the issue, the problem could be in the monitor settings.

The solution to this is very simple and as following.

Note: Press "1" to open Monitor display settings, Press "2" to select a choice, and use the Arrow buttons to navigate up and down.

1) Open the OSD (On Screen Display) of the monitor by pressing "1" on the monitor Button Panel.

2) There should be many options in that menu, like "Input Select", "Audio Adjust", "Color Adjust", etc. Among them, we have to select "Input Select".

3) This will open all the display inputs such as HDMI, DVI, etc.

4) Each display input will have two modes , a PC mode (when it is connected to a computer) and an AV mode (when it is connected to Television). This can be seen in the image below.

5) We have to make sure that our respective display input is on PC mode and not on AV mode.

6) Once we select the PC mode for our display, the screen will blink for a moment and then show up with the correct resolution.





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