How do I reset MS Outlook desktop app on Windows PC?


This article explains how to reset Outlook profile which stores your e-mail account data.


Sometimes it may be necessary to reset Microsoft Outlook, for instance if the setup wizard was run without specifying an account, or if there is an issue with the data file on your computer. Please follow these steps to remove the existing data file used by Outlook, and allow it to create a brand new data file. Please note that this will remove your e-mail account and any shared mailboxes from Outlook, and you will need to add them back one by one.

1.  Close Microsoft Outlook on your PC.

2.  Open Control Panel (Start > Control Panel)

3.  If viewing the Control Panel in category view, click on User Accounts, then Mail.  If viewing the Control Panel in icon view, click on Mail.

4.  Click on the "Show Profiles" button


5.  Select the "Outlook" profile, and click the "Remove" button and click OK.


6.  Launch Microsoft Outlook.  You will be prompted to enter a profile name.  Enter "Outlook" and click "OK"


7. You will then be prompted for the new account setup information.  You can proceed with entering your name, your UWinID and your password.

See "Related Articles" section on the right for instructions on how to re-add any shared mailboxes that you have access to.



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This is caused by the corruption of Outlook's profile file. You will need to reset your Outlook following instructions included in the Related Articles section on the right. If you had any shared mailboxes included in your Outlook, you will need to add them there again after resetting Outlook. See Related Articles section on the right.