How to create a payment request?


1. From the UWinsite Finance home screen, click on Procurement and select Purchase Requisitions
2. Under Request Forms click Payment Request
3. Ensure all fields with (*) are complete
4. Supplier: Select Appropriate Supplier
5. Supplier Site: Confirm it is desired Supplier Site

  • All active sites (locations) will be displayed in drop down

6. Under Attachments, click the Plus Sign (+)

NOTE: Any quotes or agreements with the supplier should be attached

7. Click Browse and select appropriate files for upload

8. The Title field will self populate with the name of the file, enter in the Description of the file

9. Once all supporting attachments have been added, click Add to Cart

10. Click on the Shopping Cart Icon and select Review

  • Review the following information:
    • Requestor: Your Name or Delegator Name
    • Deliver To Location: UW - Main Campus – Receiving Doc
      • If Deliver To Location is not setup, the system will not allow you to submit request.
    • Charge Account: Default Expense Account
      • If charging a project, enter the Project Number in the Project Number field and do not alter the Charge Account field. The system will automatically reroute the approval work flow.
      • If you need to split the cost between different account, click the Split Icon, enter in the Charge Account and the Percentage amount for each account.

11. Click Save and then Save and Close if not completed or click Submit



NOTE: Purchase Orders can be received once confirmation of Purchase Order has been emailed.
NOTE: Purchase Orders can be partially received per invoice, received in installments or in full depending on what portion of order is received

  1. From UWinsite Finance, click on the Navigator and under Procurement select My Receipts
  2. From the Receive Items page, enter in the required information

NOTE: Different Advanced Search parameters can also be used

  1. Requestor: Your Name
  2. Items Due: Any Time
  3. Requisitioning BU: UW BU
  1. Click Search
  2. Under Search Results, Highlight the desired Requisition and click Receive
  3. In the Create Receipts page, the remaining amount owing is shown in the Quantity field. Enter in the Amount Received, to be paid to the supplier, based on the invoice or agreement, and click Submit

NOTE: The Quantity amount will reflect the received amount once a receipt is submitted

  1. Confirmation page will be displayed – You created the following receipt numbers: XXXXX, click Ok

NOTE: If you have received an invoice for your goods / services please submit it to along with the PO number, after receiving your items



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