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Once you sign into Windows using your PIN, you will not automatically have access to on-prem Active Directory file shares or print queues.
When does the University delete my files?
ConnectWise Control Client software is being installed on every University owned workstation. It allows IT Services staff to remotely connect to workstations for the purpose of troubleshooting, software installation, etc.
As of  May 1, 2018, I.T. Services adopted a new naming convention for Windows computers. Computer name will consist of two parts separated by a dash: DEPT-123456, where "DEPT" is a departmental code, and "123456" is a TeamdDynamix Asset ID.
By default, anyone can book a room or resource in Office 365.
Frequently asked questions related to Office 365 for students
Some students may want to access their UWinGmail account using an e-mail client software, rather than the native web interface, because of accessibility issues.
A list of frequently asked questions about UWinGmail student e-mail system.
Many users have discovered that it is not possible to use YouTube, Google+ or other Google services with a UWinGmail account. There is a workaround.
We strongly discourage forwarding your student e-mail account to another address.
Many people have a personal Gmail account in addition to their UWinGmail account. Google has provided a mechanism to allow multiple Google accounts at the same time, called "Multiple sign-in."
UWin Gmail accounts are available only to students.
After your graduation, your UWin ID type will transition from "Undergraduate Student (U)" or "Graduate Student (G)" to "Alumni (A)" and your UWin Gmail account will remains active.
By default only the person who joined the computer to Azure AD is granted local administrator rights.
To provide additional security for sensitive data stored on your University-owned Windows 10 laptop, I.T. Services can assist you with enabling Bitlocker drive encryption.
The SoftwareDepot website will soon be retired. This article contains information on how University faculty, staff and students can obtain software that they are licensed for under campus agreements, or can purchase a discounted license for under the acadmic/volume pricing agreements.
Windows 10 has a new feature called Windows Hello that currently has some limitations and is not available on all computers
Instructions on setting up your Apple Mac laptop to use the a campus GoPrint printer.
All University of Windsor employees and students are entitled to install MS Office on up to five computers by logging into
Information on using and installing Power BI
With Office 365, Microsoft transitioned to subscription-based licensing. Licenses for individual products are purchased and assigned to individual users online rather than by entering Product Key on the workstation. Microsoft Visio and Project are not covered by the current licensing agreement. Clients interested in using this software have the option to purchase the subscription license thought IT Services at a discounted academic pricing.
I.T. Services uses Active Directory and Azure Active Directory with Intune to manage University-owned devices, as well as to secure University corporate data on privately owned devices (BYOD).
The University’s IT Digital Password Management Policy requires regular renewal (changing) of passwords. KeePass is a tool which can be used to make organising these passwords easier.
This article explains where to retrieve a provisioning package for adding a device to Azure Active Directory and Intune as well as how to apply the package in OOBE or online operating system.