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Instructions for post-installation setup of Lotus Notes 9.0.1
A replication conflict occurs when two or more users edit in the same document in different replicas between one replication and the next. A save conflict occurs when two or more users edit the same document in an application on a server at the same time.
Lotus Notes crashes after Adobe Acrobat Professional update
After uninstalling Notes through the Control Panel, it is crucial to manually remove Notes folders to ensure that all files are removed from the computer before re-installing Lotus Notes.
Instructions for installing Lotus Notes 9.0.1 on a Windows 7 PC.
Sometimes your Lotus Notes bookmark file (../Notes/Data/bookmark.nsf) can become corrupt, and this can manifest itself in a few different ways.
A list of MAC OS X versions that provide IBM Lotus Notes support.
Outlines possible causes of the error message "The server is not responding. The server may be down or you may be experiencing..."
In a single-user user installation of Notes, the notes.ini file is located inside the binary files folder. But in a multi-user installation of Notes (default for Windows 7), the notes.ini file is located inside each user's data folder, which by default is hidden.
The equivalent of notes.ini on a Mac OS X workstation is called Notes Preferences file and it is normally hidden. You can get to it following these instructions.
In Outlook, it is not possible to have an e-mail message appear in more than one folder. Therefore, all copies of sent messages would only appear in "Sent Items" folder after the migration, even if they were filed in other folders in Lotus Notes while being sent out. Also, messages stored in Inbox folder would no longer appear in any other folder that they may have been added to in Lotus Notes.
In some situations, some issues with Lotus Notes can be fixed by re-running the initial setup.
Correct settings in your Location document are essential to the problem free functioning of Lotus Notes on your computer.