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A list of frequently asked questions about UWinGmail student e-mail system.

Can faculty or staff members get UWin Gmail accounts?

UWin Gmail accounts are available only to students.

Can I log into both my personal Gmail and UWinGmail accounts at the same time?

Many people have a personal Gmail account in addition to their UWinGmail account. Google has provided a mechanism to allow multiple Google accounts at the same time, called "Multiple sign-in."

Is it possible to forward my UWin Gmail account to another address?

We strongly discourage forwarding your student e-mail account to another address.

Setting up an e-mail client software to access student UWinGmail account

Some students may want to access their UWinGmail account using an e-mail client software, rather than the native web interface, because of accessibility issues.

What will happen to my UWin Gmail account after I graduate?

After your graduation, your UWin ID type will transition from "Undergraduate Student (U)" or "Graduate Student (G)" to "Alumni (A)" and your UWin Gmail account will remains active.

Why do I get logged out of YouTube when I log in to my UWinGmail account?

Many users have discovered that it is not possible to use YouTube, Google+ or other Google services with a UWinGmail account. There is a workaround.