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What are clickers?

Some instructors at the University of Windsor use wireless student response system more commonly known as "clickers" from Turning Technologies. This technology encourages student participation in larger classes, provides instructors immediate feedback during lectures, and has been shown to improve student understanding and retention.

Arrangements with the bookstore for supplies must be made well in advance of a semester. Instructors are now moving towards wireless technologies that incorporate mobile devices where reception is good on campus and can use software such as Echo360, Kahoot, Poll Everywhere, Mentimeter, TopHat Monocle, Socrative or other systems. Some of these technologies involve purchasing licenses, so use is dependant upon which system is chosen. A comparison of various system and their associated costs are available from the Social Compare site. Please note, the University of Windsor does not endorse any particular product, and support for these systems comes from the sponsoring companies. Costs may be shown in different currencies. The Office of Open Learning provides support for instructors wishing to use Echo360 in classrooms where wireless networks can support the technology.


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