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Clicker information for students.

Students may purchase clickers from the University Bookstore when instructors have arranged for their use in advance. 

Students register a unique "clicker id number" found on each clicker onto a dedicated clicker Web Page after logging into the SIS (Student Information System) and navigating to the Personal Information section to access the Update Clicker Device ID. This page provides instructions and more information about clickers. This number is not the student number, but a device number that associates each clicker with an individual student. Thus all class lists will have a column identifying the clicker id numbers of students registered in the class, even in courses where the clickers are not being used. In classes where they are used, instructors require this clicker id information from their students in order to properly use the system.

  • Students are responsible for correctly registering their clicker Device ID.
  • Clicker Device IDs are unique. Each clicker may be registered to only one student.
  • Clicker Device ID registration is good for one semester. Every semester, students will need to re-register their clicker Device ID.
  • If a student purchases a clicker from another student, it is the responsibility of the seller to remove their clicker registration number so that buyer may register it.



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