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Owner of an Office 365 Group has the ability to edit default permissions of individual folders or even individual files.
Activation failed when attempting to activate Microsoft Office 2016
Merging Blackboard Sites into One Main Site
Summary of the GoPrint service and list of locations
This article explains the lifecycle of a ticket from the creation point to completion.
The UWinsite Finance system uses a web-based interface.
The ability to flag items exists in TeamDynamix so that users can easily track work items of interest, such as tickets. If you have time-sensitive tickets or project tasks, you may want to pay close attention to any activity that occurs on that work item. You can then easily access these items by adding the appropriate module to your desktop, which removes the need to filter down to the item of interest.
When the issue or request documented in a ticket is resolved/fulfilled, it's time to "close" the ticket, that is update the status to "Completed" and send a notification to the client. This is done using the Update feature rather than editing these attributes directly.
The Finance department has developed an Online Purchasing Card Training module. All cardholders are required to successfully complete this training.The finance department also offers a training session "Finance Essentials: Understanding Our Credit Card Programs."
Instructions on downloading, installing and configuring Oracle Fusion Mobile Expenses app that can be used for expense capture, submission and approval while on the go.
List of Blackboard help articles by topic, and other on-line resources
The Finance department has developed an Online BTA Card Training module. All cardholders are required to successfully complete the training program.
Many users are getting this error message the first time that they use Procurement (the shopping cart) in the new system. To remedy this, you have to choose your Deliver To or Receiving Location.
The University of Windsor is in process of adopting a new policy that will define the minimum standards governing the format and management of passwords used to access electronic services and accounts associated with the University.
If you will be uploading spreadsheets to the UWinsite Finance system, you will need the ADF Desktop Integration Add-in.
This video will show how to add common expenses to an expense claim
Frequently asked questions related to submitting expense claims.
Information on how to access card statement, who pays the card balance and how to handle disputes.
Frequently asked questions (FAQs) on how the transition to UWinsite Finance will affect the use of PCards.
We have enabled the Quick Remit payment for your Scotia Travel card to assist with more efficient payment options.
Information on credit card statements and billing cycle.
The new finance system will change the way we order and process payments for goods and services. Our goals are to align our procedures with industry best practices and make our order/payment process more efficient. This includes adopting electronic fund transfer (EFT) as the University of Windsor’s preferred means of payment for our Canadian suppliers.
Frequently asked questions on General Ledger topics.