Connect to MATLAB Virtual Lab with Remote Desktop on Windows


This article provides detailed instructions on installing and connecting with Remote Desktop Client on Windows.


The Remote Desktop client offers better performance than the web browser connection and supports multiple monitors.

The Remote Desktop client is different than the 'Remote Desktop Connection' that is installed with Windows. Go to this page to find a link for the client to download (if unsure, choose Windows 64-bit) :

Follow the instructions in the link above to install and configure the Remote Desktop client.  After starting the client, use the 'subscribe' button and login with your uwinid and password.

Once you have installed and configured the client, you see a list of available resources. Open up the lab that you need to access by double-clicking on the appropriate icon.

The first time you connect it will take a minute or so to create a profile for your account.  

The system will now operate as a regular Windows Remote Desktop system.  

When you are done, log out by pressing CTRL+ALT+END simultaneously on your keyboard and selecting Sign out. If you disconnect by closing the window, your session will be logged off after 10 minutes.  


Transfer files with the web client

Follow these steps to transfer files from your local computer to the remote session:

  1. Connect to the remote session.
  2. Select the file upload icon in the web client menu.
  3. When prompted, select the files you want to upload using the local file explorer.
  4. Open the file explorer in your remote session. Your files will be uploaded to Remote Desktop Virtual Drive > Uploads.

To download files from the remote session to your local computer:

  1. Connect to the remote session.
  2. Open the file explorer in your remote session.
  3. Copy the file or files you want to download to Remote Desktop Virtual Drive > Downloads.
  4. A prompt will ask if you want to download the file or files you selected. At this point, you can confirm the download by selecting Confirm or cancel it by selecting Cancel. If you don't want to see this prompt every time you download files from the current browser, select the check box labeled Don’t ask me again on this browser before confirming.
  5. Your files will be downloaded to your local default downloads folder.



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