How to enable DHCP on a Windows 7 workstation?


Steps for updating network settings to enable DHCP (dynamic allocation of IP address) for Windows 7


1. Log into Windows using account with admin rights

2. Go to Windows Control Panel > Network and sharing Centre > Change Adapter Settings

3. Go to Properties of the main network connection

4. Select Internet Protocol Version4 (TCP/IPv4) then click Properties

5. Ensure that both are selected:

Obtain an IP address automatically

Obtain DNS server address automatically

6. Click the Advanced button.

7. Click the DNS tab.

8. Remove DNS servers, if any.

9. Verify that the current value in DNS suffix for this connection is a correct one. Do not remove it; add a correct one if missing.

10. Click OK to close all dialog boxes.

11. Go to Command Prompt and issue these commands in this order

ipconfig /release

ipconfig /renew

12. Verify that the network connection is working by browsing some web sites.



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