SafeLancer QR Code Check-in


Overview of how to check in with your SafeLancer self assessment result, how to use the managers dashboard to review your staff's self assessment status, and common questions regarding visibility of information


QR Code Reader Not Working?

Step 1

If you see a "Loading QR Scanner" message this can usually be cleared by tapping the Refresh icon on the device.

Step 2

If tapping the Refresh icon does not help or you are experiencing a different technical error with the QR code reader, please contact IT Services by calling: 519-253-3000 ext. 4441. Provide the device number (ITS-#######) on the "QR Code Reader Not Working" poster posted close to the QR code reader.

Checking into Campus QR Locations

Every designated entrance on campus has a QR code reader installed in order to record and validate that you have a green SafeLancer badge for the day.

1. Take the Self-Assessment in the Safe Lancer App

Each day, all individuals coming to campus will have to take a COVID-19 self-assessment using the Safe Lancer app. To do this on your phone, open the app, click Self-Assessment > Self-Assessment Tool > Start Self-Assessment.

After receiving an "Approved" self-assessment, continue to step 2. 

The service is available through your browser as well if you do not have a mobile phone:

2. Locate a QR Code Scanner

Scanners are available at all designated entrances into buildings.













3. Retrieve your Assessment QR Code

You can retrieve your assessment by opening the Safe Lancer app, clicking Self-Assessment > Self-Assessment Tool > My Self-Assessment Status.

4. Scan your QR code to Check-in across campus

Present your QR code to the QR Code reader, there is a front-facing camera. Once successful, you will receive a green notice confirming "CHECK-IN SUCCESSFUL". You can use your QR code badge to check in for 24 hours across campus before it expires. 

Scanner Response Green Proceed








Other Scanner Responses

Grey - Check-In Pending 

Unable to verify your badge status. Please proceed if you have a green badge. 

Scanner Response Grey Pending








Grey - Check-In Badge Expired

Your badge has expired. Please perform another self-assessment using the Safe Lancer app and check in again.

Scanner Response Grey Expired








Red - Check-In Denied

Your badge has been denied. Please leave campus immediately and self-isolate. 

Scanner Response Red Badge Denied











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