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Changes to Default Viewing Option

As of September 17, 2020, the default setting "allow everyone in your company to view this video" is set to off (unchecked). If you want your video to be viewable by all UWindsor users, when uploading a new video, open the permissions section and check the "allow everyone" button.  For an existing video, select "View Video Details" and open the permission box. See the related article or the 2-minute Tech Talk video for more information on setting Stream video permissions.


By uploading content to the Microsoft Stream service provided to University of Windsor users, I certify the following: 

  1. I or the organization own copyright to the uploaded digital assets or have obtained permission by the copyright holder to upload this asset. 
  1. For recordings of Teams meetings, I have obtained consent from the meeting participants to take a recording.  If I grant access to allow additional people, who were not attendees of the meeting, to view the recording, I have obtained that consent from the meeting attendees.  
  1. I have verified viewing permission on my uploaded videos. 
  1. I understand that videos will not be automatically removed when my UWin Account is deleted. 

To acknowledge this policy, close this window to return to Stream and press the "Accept Policy" button. You only need to accept this policy once until it is changed. You can view it anytime by following the "UWindsor Stream Usage Policy" link at the bottom of the Stream Web page.

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