ECS Computer Lab Information for Winter 2021

ECS Virtual Lab is now permanently shutdown.

For winter semester 2021, the majority of classes will be using CEI2105 remote access through Ericom Connect for their assigned computer lab time.

The following courses will use 'Matlab Virtual Lab' for their assigned computer lab time:

  • ELEC2240-1-R-2021W
  • ELEC4310-1-R-2021W
  • ELEC8900-30-R-2021W
  • GENG8030-1-R-2021W
  • GENG8030-2-R-2021W
  • MECH4671-1-R-2021W
  • MECH8290-1-R-2021W

The following course will use 'LS-Dyna Virtual Lab' for it's assigned computer lab time:

  • MECH8000-1-R-2021W

For accessing 'Matlab' and 'LS-Dyna' lab, follow the instructions below for 'ECS Virtual Lab', and instead of selecting 'ECS Virtual Lab', choose 'Matlab' or 'LS-Dyna' when given the option. Make sure to connect your OneDrive to ensure your files are saved.

Note that you should only be connecting to the 'Matlab' and 'LS-Dyna' virtual labs during your assigned lab time.

For coursework outside your designated lab time, please connect to CEI2105 using Ericom Connect.  Check the schedule for Winter 2021 and try and use the CEI2105 lab during open times.  Note that it is open all weekend, there are no classes scheduled for Saturday/Sunday.

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