UView is Retiring

uView is going to be retired in December 2022

Plans are underway to retire uView, the video hosting and storage system that has been supporting campus for over a decade. Other more feature-rich enterprise systems, such as YuJa and  MS Stream, are free to campus users and are now available to host, record, and share videos on campus.

Which multi-media tool should I use instead of uView?


YuJa offers integration with Blackboard so instructors can easily embed videos and offer gradable quizzes. All campus users can create, edit, and share video content that can be recorded from multiple sources.  Instructors can view analytics on when and how the video has been viewed. Uploaded videos to YuJa are auto-captioned and through the Edit menu, refinements and corrections can be made to the captions.  Sharing can be within the campus or externally beyond UWindsor.  Login to YuJa at HTTP://uwindsor.yuja.com or through your Blackboard site after you enable it as a course tool on your menu.


Stream offers all of the collaboration capabilities of Microsoft 365 products including Teams, SharePoint, OneNote, portal search, embeddable player, and screen capture/recording. Videos can be shared publicly or with existing users, teams and groups.

Find out which system meets your needs best by reviewing a feature comparison document or make an appointment to speak to a YuJa specialist or a Stream specialist to help you make your decision.

End of uploading to uView (May 16, 2022)

uView will be retired in phases. Starting May 16, 2022, you will no longer be able to upload new videos into uView.  Your existing videos will not change, and people can continue to watch them at this time.

Archived videos ready for download (June 1, 2022)

It is already possible for you to download your videos from uView, but the process is labour intensive. To make it easier, the uView team will copy your videos into a Microsoft SharePoint site.  The archive will contain a folder for each uView publisher that will contain all the videos they had uploaded.  You will be able to access this archive via the Web, and can also "connect" it to your personal computer so that it appears to be a local folder (similar to OneDrive). The building of the archive is underway, and the final videos will be uploaded between May 16 and the start of June.

Open the uView Archive

uView turned off (January 2023)

Beginning in 2023, uView will be fully retired and the system will be shut down.  The SharePoint archive will continue to work, and all your videos will be there. You may need to transfer them to another video streaming service such as Yuja or Microsoft Stream to continue sharing them with others.

uView Archive deleted (January 2025)

The SharePoint archive of all uView videos will be deleted. Please be sure to make personal backups of any content you wish to retain.

What if I have questions?

There are several options to help you decide what system you’d like to move your videos to and to help you get your material there as follows:

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uView is a legacy system for uploading and sharing videos related to the University, teaching and learning, and research. It is being replaced by Microsoft Stream And Yuja. Starting in Spring 2022, you will no longer be able to upload videos into uView. Later in 2022, the uView system will be shut down.