Web hosting for departments or administrative units

Placing a request for a new website is Step 1 in the New Site Process.

When you request a website let us know:

  • what name you would like for your site
  • whether you are replacing an existing site
  • a list of people who should have editing access to the site

You may be contacted requesting further information or discussion about how your site will fit into the overall University organization of websites. The University reserves the right to decline website requests.

The university uses Drupal, a template-based, content management system for its websites. Training to use Drupal is mandatory. Every live website must have at least one approved editor. Site owners and editors are responsible for creating and maintaining their own websites while adhering to university policies and legal requirements.

More general information is available on the Drupal Support site.

Information about becoming an approved editor.

Request a site by following the New Site Process.

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