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What is an E-Ink Tablet

An E-Ink Tablet is a specialized tablet with the sole focus of looking and feeling like you're writing on paper. 

What To Consider?

When considering an E-Ink note-taking device such as a reMarkable or a Kindle Scribe, please ask the following questions before purchasing one: 

  1. Will the device connect to the University's Wi-Fi? The University uses a security protocol called WPA2-Enterprise. Your device needs to be able to work with this protocol for it to connect to the University's Wi-Fi. Here's an article for more details: Article - What should I consider befo... (teamdynamix.com).
  2. Does the device integrate with Microsoft Office and Microsoft OneDrive? Not all note-taking devices can create files that are compatible with Microsoft applications such as Word. If you want to open your notes on a desktop or laptop, you may be required to use an app specific to your note-taking device. 
  3. IT Services can only assist with issues connecting to the network therefore, it's important to verify that the manufacturer has adequate technical support if needed.


How To Connect To Wifi

The tablet should be able to connect to either Eduroam or UWinsecure as long as the device supports WPA2-Enterprise encryption.

The settings that you will need to connect can be found in this article: Connecting Computers and Mobile Devices to University of Windsor Wi-Fi


What Kind of Support Will IT Services Offer?

IT services will only support issues with the device not connecting to the University of Windsor Wi-Fi. If there are any issues with the software or hardware you will need to contact the device manufacturer for technical assistance. 



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