Space Request Procedure

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Requests for space will proceed through the following steps:

Step 1

The department, unit or individual must complete the Space Request Form in collaboration with the 
appropriate authority designated for the faculty or department.

Step 2

After the Space Request Form has been completed, the Space Request Form must be signed by the unit/departmental Director or Head of a particular unit or department, and by the Dean of the Faculty or Vice-President or designate prior to submitting the request. The completed and signed forms are to be forwarded to the Space Management email 
address: The forms will then be forwarded to the Space Planning Committee. 

Step 3

The Space Planning Committee will evaluate, discuss, and prioritize the requests for space and make a recommendation. 

The following criteria will be used in determining a space request: 

  1. Departmental and University objectives. 
  2. Code and facilities considerations. 
  3. Cost and benefit considerations. 
  4. Appropriateness of space to the function to be served. 
  5. Physical proximity of departmental units in cases where programs can be enhanced by close geographical locations. 
  6. Audit and analysis of space requests based on current space utilization standards and guidelines. 
  7. Priorities for research, academic programs, and support areas established by the President, Provost, or Vice-Presidents. 
  8. Minimal disruption of ongoing activities of faculty, students, and staff. 
  9. Time frame requested. 
  10. Space has been exhausted in the department making the request.
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Requests for space are facilitated by submitting a ticket. Your request will be reviewed by Space Planning Staff for completeness, and if required, approved by the Space Planning Committee if applicable.