Known issue: Error message while opening Excel file with a very long path on Windows 7

A folder with many levels of subfolders was moved from Novel network drive to a OneDrive folder and synced without issues to the cloud. When trying to open certain .xls files in Excel 2013 that are stored in a subfolder that is nested several layers deep, an error message comes up: Sorry, we couldn't find <filepath>. Is it possible it was moved, renamed or deleted?

When trying to open that same file using Excel 2016, the error message is a bit more descriptive:

That same file can be opened in Excel Online (the web version of Excel) without any issues.

This is is being caused by the file path being too long. Excel is unable to open any files that exceed 256 characters in their file path. You have to reduce the number of subfolders in the file path, or shorten the file name.

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