How to approve a Proposal task in Senate Sharepoint Workflow if you are a proposer?

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Accessing the Site

In order to access the site, open up a browser and use the following URL link:


Upon navigating to the URL you will be presented with a Microsoft Sign-in screen. Use your UWin email address ( and password to log in. (The same password you would use if you were to login to your UWin email)

Navigating to assigned tasks

If you received an email saying you have an assigned task you can click the link in the email to go straight to the task or click on My Approvals under approval tools on the homepage.

Approval groups have the option of making your submission available to you for revision purposes (see screenshot below). Please note that copies of your previous submissions will be kept for review. So be careful to only revise what you have been asked to change.

In the case where an approval group is requesting that you make revisions to your submission, your submission is made available to you to edit. An email will be sent to you explaining the reason for which a revision is requested and a link to your submission will be included as well.

“Tasks” are used to notify the approval group that you have completed your revisions and uploaded all the necessary forms to your proposal. In the email earlier, there is a link to the tasks that are “Assigned to [you]” which will bring you to a page that looks like this:

Before opening the task (e.g, “Proposer revisions Addressing Comments…”), download the proposal, make your revisions, and upload the revised proposal. Open the task by clicking on the task name (Proposer revisions Addressing Comments…), and simply clicking on the button labeled “Complete Task”, to complete the task. Clicking this button revokes your “Edit” access to your proposal and notifies the respective approval group of your re-submission.


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