High speed home Internet access available to University employees through payroll deduction

The High-Speed Internet through payroll program is a service offered through the University of Windsor to allow full-time, continuous employees of the University to have discounted Internet access from home. The service is offered in conjunction with Cogeco (for cable internet access). Employees who enroll for this service will have fees for the service deducted through payroll.

Before placing your order on-line, all employees are reminded to examine any value-added options in service to their home location, such as the number and type of IP addresses required, e-mail requirements and installation (if applicable), support requirements, or remote access capabilities associated with your selected provider.

The only services from the providers covered through payroll deduction are the high-speed Internet service, installation by Cogeco (required on new Internet installations only or address changes requiring on-site installation by COGECO), and the use of the modem supplied by the vendors. Services such as CableTV, additional email accounts, or any other aspects of the carrier services must be arranged and paid for directly with the provider and are NOT eligible for payroll deduction.

For details on Cogeco pricing, see clause 5 within the addendum in the Files section on the right.


This service is available to all full-time faculty and staff who have continuous service at the University. This group is defined as:

  • faculty members
  • ancillary academic staff
  • staff members in CAW Local 2458 & 195, C.U.P.E. Locals 1001, 1393, 4580 and non-union administration

 This service is NOT available to:

  • limited term employees (e.g., sessional, seasonal, casual or contract employees). You must have continuous employment.
  • students who are not also employees in one of the above groups
  • retirees

If I already have high speed Internet through the same provider can I still participate?

Yes. Use the ‘Enrollment Option’ when filling out the web application.

How do I know if I’m eligible?

See above or contact Finance at ext. 2081.

What if I no longer work at the University or have retired?

If you no longer receive a pay cheque for whatever reason, you will be removed from the High-Speed Home Internet Access payroll deduction program. This does not mean that your service will automatically be disconnected or that you can no longer use the Internet services from the provider. You will be contacted by the service provider directly to determine if you wish to continue services and be billed directly by the service provider or discontinue the service altogether if you prefer

What if I am no longer a University of Windsor Employee eligible to participate in the High Speed Internet through payroll deduction program.

You may contact your service provider and make arrangements directly. Your participation in the payroll deduction program will be discontinued

What if I am on an approved leave such as a maternity leave and wish to continue to participate in the High Speed Internet through payroll deduction program.

Similar to parking and pension deductions, an advance payment is required to cover the time you will be on leave. Contact the payroll department for details. Ext.2136

Cost and Billing

This offer is for employees only through payroll deduction. The University cannot supply these rates and figures. Bundle deals vary over time. If you want to know what are the costs compared to market pricing and bundle deals you should make your own comparison. Costs are described in the Employee Addendum Agreement that you sign when you order the service. For bundled service cost comparisons, you need to compare your existing rates with those of this offer, and assume pricing as if your monthly bill did not include high speed home Internet access, or contact Cogeco directly.

Cogeco prices can be found in the CogecoAddendumAgreement , clause 5.

Does the amount deducted through payroll include any other provider services, such as Cable TV or long-distance phone contracts.

The ONLY service covered through payroll deduction is the high speed Internet service from the providers, installation by Cogeco (required on new Internet installations only or address changes requiring on-site installation by COGECO), and the use of the modem supplied by the vendors.

Each provider may provide additional services in the open market, such as Cable TV, or long-distance telephone contract options. Options for these "other" services must be discussed directly with the provider.

Services such as CableTV, additional email accounts, or any other aspects of the carrier services must be arranged and paid for directly with the provider, and are NOT eligible for payroll deduction. Requests concerning these extra services however, can be made at the time of ordering in the comment section of the order form. 

What should I do if I have a change of address?

To make any change to your address or to the program use the Internet. Follow the link…

Who should I contact if I have any billing or payroll deduction issues?

You can submit questions regarding any aspect of the service by clicking on the Comments button on the home page, or for a specific payroll deduction or a billing issue, you can also contact the Finance department at ext. 2081.

What are the payroll deduction dates?

Payroll deductions will occur on the last pay date of the month.

What is this $15.00 ADMN FEE - HIGH SPEED INTERNET on my payroll deposit slip?

This is a one-time University of Windsor fee for costs associated with the administration of the contracts with Cogeco. It will only be deducted on service start-up and appears separate from the high speed Internet service payroll deduction on your payroll deposit statement.


Signing Up

Here is the outline of the process to go through to order and pay for the service through payroll deduction:

  1. Familiarise yourself with the program by visiting the secure website at: ITS - Home Internet - Home (sharepoint.com)
  2. Check the availability of service in your area.
  3. For new installations or enrollment of current COGECO service, click on Employee Addendum button. Print off, fill out, re-scan and have it handy when filling out on-line form.
  4. Proceed  to order on-line by clicking on Submission Form button.

You should hear from someone from Cogeco regarding your order within 5 business days (not including weekends). If you do not hear from someone, or if you have questions concerning your order, please submit your questions or concerns using the Comments button found on the Home page.

The High-Speed Home Internet Access Project main page is at ITS - Home Internet - Home (sharepoint.com)

Who should I contact if I no longer want to subscribe to Cogeco?

If you ordered the service through the web and are receiving a payroll deduction, or if you ordered the service and then decide that you want to cancel before it is installed, then you must withdraw from the program via the Internet. Follow the link…

Is the Cogeco installation required?

If you are not already a subscriber to this service, Yes installation is required as the vendor verifies the modem and the service is working properly before you connect your computer to the Internet.

Will IT Services setup my high speed Internet home connection?

No. Technical Support and installation services are provided by Cogeco directly. IT Services cannot provide installation support. The phone numbers for support are listed in item 9 of the Employee Addendum that you signed at the time of ordering the service, or….

  • Cogeco: 1-855-701-4881

Technical Assistance

If you already have signed up but can’t get onto the Internet, or for any technical help/services please contact your High Speed Internet Service Provider ONLY (Cogeco) using their customer service toll-free lines.

  • Cogeco: 1-855-701-4881

Service Agreement

The applicable term of service are described within the Master Agreements signed by the university, and not from the date you began to receive service. However, you will only be charged for service through payroll deduction from the time you actually receive the service. Please note that pricing is only guaranteed as long as the contract with the providers and the University is applicable, at which time additional information will be made available to all those involved in the program. Your ability to benefit from the program therefore depends partly on how soon you begin to accept and pay for the services as described in the Master Agreements.

If you have questions regarding the Master Services Agreement, or the Acceptable Use Policy, please contact the High Speed Internet Service Provider (Cogeco) using their customer service support numbers.

  • Cogeco: 1-800-267-9000


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