Wireless Presentation using the Airtame 2

An Airtame 2 wireless presentation device is now available for use in UCC 206. This allows a wireless device running the Airtame App (download available at (http://airtame.com/start) and is available for several platforms) to display the wireless device's screen onto the Airtame device's attached display (TV). A short Youtube video is available at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AkJaf3wRYMQ.

UCC206 particulars:

  1. The Airtame is connected into HDMI port 4 on the Sharp TV, therefore ensure this port is selected using the Input source selection button at the bottom right on the TV.
  2. A screen should be visible on the TV indicating which IP address you should connect to:

  3. Start up the Airtame application, and enter the IP address shown.
  4. Enter the PIN code shown.
  5. Your local display should now become visible on the TV screen.

Some hints:

  • on the test laptop, the screen shown was completely contained on the TV when the display size was changed to 1280x768. When the laptop screen was set to 1600x900, the edges of the screen were partly hidden. Your device may behave differently.
  • even though the Airtame display indicates that eduroam should be used to connect, uwinsecure properly connects as well. The airtame connects to eduroam using 5Ghz.
  • the name of this Airtame is "atucc01" and has a long-life password associated with the device's wireless eduroam uwinid.
  • the Airtame window can be moved around, and for best viewing can be moved almost entirely off the screen.
  • This device is a less expensive competitor to the Crestron Airmedia device.



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Fri 2/7/20 5:53 PM
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