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Provides links to login pages for various systems and apps. You must have been granted access to use these in order to log in.
Assignment submissions made through the Blackboard app will not be checked through SafeAssign if that option is enabled.
The availability lock icon produces an access denied error when used outside of the default term dates.
The Bulk Notification Settings are not working properly, and there is no fix at this time to repair this issue.
List of Blackboard help articles by topic, and other on-line resources
Getting Started guide, list of Blackboard help topics, "UWindsor Students Using Blackboard" video.
Fix to remedy missing scroll bars in Grade Centre on a Mac
Tips for using Blackboard's content editor.
Instructions for instructors on how to release final exam grades from the Grade Centre, and what to do to adjust a final grade before exporting to eGrade.
The Centre for Teaching and Learning has created a six minute video tutorial about Blackboard that covers the most common tasks that instructors will need to perform.
Blackboard offers a feature to export your course materials and reimport them into another course.
Blackboard offers a method to add extra credit marks.
Columns are created in the Blackboard Grade Center. These columns are used to track graded activities that are done externally from Blackboard, such as handwritten midterm and final examinations.