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When does the University delete my files?
Frequently asked questions related to Office 365 for students
Web version of Outlook called Outlook Web App or OWA, allows you to access your UWin Office 365 account in a browser on any computer or mobile devices that is connected to the Internet without the need to install or configure anything.
Instructions for managing your Office 365 Pro Plus license activations.
Office 365 Pro Plus license activation works differently on a single-user and multi-user PCs.
Steps to follow to determine the version of MS Office currently installed don your computer.
Office 365 message encryption and protection
MIcrosoft Office for Mac is unable to activate
Instructions for accessing shared files and e-mails that are stored inside Office 365 Groups that you are subscribed to.
This document provides a list of services with descriptions that are part of the Office 365 suite that is licensed for use by students, faculty and staff at UWindsor.
Use of Microsoft Office 365 and your UWin Account are governed by various agreements. This article hits the highlights.
Where is my Microsoft Office 365 data stored?
Activation failed when attempting to activate Microsoft Office 2016
Departments that are interested in supplementing materials with in-class instructor driven training may contact any authorised Microsoft Certified training facility.
There are two ways to access your University Office 365 account on your Android device - either with the native built in Mail, Contacts and Calendars app, or with Microsoft's Outlook Preview app, available from the Google Play Store (the app requires Android 4 or greater.)