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Outlook on the web does not give the option to send as attachment
A guest is someone who isn't an employee, student, or member of the University of Windsor; they don't have an active UWin Account.
Instructions for adding new members to the group and removing existing members for group's administrator.
Content in a public group can be seen by anybody in your organization. Content in a private group can only be seen by the members of the group.
Instructions for accessing shared files and e-mails that are stored inside Office 365 Groups that you are subscribed to.
In some cases you need to "follow" a group for it to show on the list of groups in OneDrive app on
If you are a member of an Office 365 Group, and you have received an e-mail message which was not sent to the Group’s e-mail address, but you wish to save it into the Group as an e-mail communication you need to follow the steps outlined in this article.
If you have the latest version of the OneDrive Sync software installed on your computer, you can use it to download and sync Office 365 Group files in addition to your OneDrive files.
There are two ways to upload files to group's OneDrive: using the web interface Upload button, or using the OneDrive Sync Client.
Yes, students can participate in Office 365 Groups but before they can be added as members, their Office 365 license has to be updated by the administrator.
When you try to create a folder called "Forms" in Office 365 Group, an error message is displayed informing you that "A file of folder with the name Forms already exists."
The benefit of creating events, such as departmental meetings, on a group calendar is that everyone who's a member of the group can edit these events.
Instructions for verifying that you have the latest version of OneDrive Sync client installed on your windows PC.