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We created a Blackboard tool for importing grade data into Blackboard's Grade Center. This tool is mainly used to help Instructors import Scantron data.
Due to a bug with the inline grading convertor, fonts are replaced in word documents, causing unexpected formatting changes.
The Student Preview Tool is a tool that enables instructors to review course content and course behaviors such as content availability.
Instructor Semester Checklist will ensure that you are ready to work with your course to start a new semester.
Step by step instructions for the instructor on how to enable adaptive release for an assignment.
If a student has submitted the maximum number of attempts for an assignment, you can allow an additional attempt.
Here are some quick tips if you are having difficulty with submitting an assignment in Blackboard.
Sometimes students will report issues when completing a test such as connection loss or errors.
Instructions for instructors on how to release final exam grades from the Grade Centre, and what to do to adjust a final grade before exporting to eGrade.
How to set Course Availability (formerly LAUNCH THIS SITE in CLEW)
This webpage provides instructions on how to grade assignments submitted by students through Blackboard.
Blackboard offers a feature to export your course materials and reimport them into another course.
Announcements are a way to deliver messages to your students through Blackboard.
Instructions for instructors who wish to add additional users to their site, such as teaching assistants, to help administer the course site.
Blackboard offers a method to add extra credit marks.