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Due to a bug with the inline grading convertor, fonts are replaced in word documents, causing unexpected formatting changes.
Users of the YouTube Mashup feature will encounter a 403 error upon its use. A workaround is available to embed videos into your Blackboard site.
The highlighting annotation tool in Blackboard can sometimes act erractly, leaving spaces in the highlight, or the highlight may enter the right margin of the page.
If a student attempts to access the discussion board through a link found in the What's New module, they will receive an error message.
Files uploaded to the "Feedback to Learner" textbox in group wikis are inaccessible to anyone.
A known issue in Blackboard is preventing students from exporting files that contain spaces in their names.
Assignment submissions made through the Blackboard app will not be checked through SafeAssign if that option is enabled.
The availability lock icon produces an access denied error when used outside of the default term dates.
The Bulk Notification Settings are not working properly, and there is no fix at this time to repair this issue.
Fix to remedy missing scroll bars in Grade Centre on a Mac
If feedback is provided in a dropdown rubric without making a grading selection, that feedback will be lost without warning upon saving.
Partial Grading option for Self and Peer Assessment tool for student grading only allows whole numbers to be used, not partial decimals. No workaround available at this time except for a partial grade to be sent to the instructor for manual override in the Grade Centre cell.
An error is encountered when downloading the Collaborate launcher with Internet Explorer or Microsoft Edge
When you copy and paste from word into the Blackboard content editor it does carry over the formation and spacing tags along with it.