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Getting Started guide, list of Blackboard help topics, "UWindsor Students Using Blackboard" video.
Requesting Organization Site in Blackboard
How to create a course menu item to correspond to the Blackboard Collaborate tool to give students access to tool.
An error is encountered when downloading the Collaborate launcher with Internet Explorer or Microsoft Edge
Clean up the downloadable results from a Blackboard survey.
Step by step instructions for the instructor on how to enable adaptive release for an assignment.
The Student Preview Tool is a tool that enables instructors to review course content and course behaviors such as content availability.
We created a Blackboard tool for importing grade data into Blackboard's Grade Center. This tool is mainly used to help Instructors import Scantron data.
CLEW / Blackboard tool comparison
Instructors will be able to import content from CLEW directly into Blackboard using CLEW import tool.